Our main focus

Transparency and Quality

With Tree-Nation you can plant trees everywhere, even in the most remote locations. But what is truly remarkable is that, at all times, you will know who is planting your trees, where they are located and how they are being planted.

You will find ALL the information we have about each planting project. No secrets.

Quality tree planting

Collaborate with the best planting projects in the world. We will make sure of this!

Direct contact

If you want to know more about a project you can just ask it’s responsible.

Information in the sunlight

Learn everything about the projects

Each planter has a personalized section to record all the important information about his project. That includes its exact location, the planted species, the planting team and much more.

Tree-Nation welcomes planting projects from around the globe

the grey to green journey

Follow stories that inspire

Tree planting is never dull nor rosy… it’s a tough job that requires sweat and dedication. However it is incredibly gratifying to see first-hand how a devastated land is turned into a green forest.

Ask me anything

Interact with the planting teams

Connect with planters as easily as you do with your friends through Facebook. You will communicate directly with the people who plant your trees because nobody can answer your questions better than them.

Your voice matters

Feel free to ask all the questions you may have about a project because this direct connection between you and the planters will enable a flow of feedback that will allow projects to improve and qualify their work.