Our mission

Our job is to make your job easier

Getting funds is one of the main obstacles a plantation project has to face. It is a tough and time consuming job. Our aim at Tree-Nation is to make your job easier by providing you the tools to get funds, build your network of followers and let the world know about your project.

Get your own project website in minutes and for free

You don’t need to develop your own website anymore. With just a few clicks you can create your own website inside Tree-Nation. A website developed with the latest technologies and designed specifically to answer your tree planting project needs.

Access to funding

A funding platform for plantation projects

More than 4.000 sponsors and 200.000 users make frequent contributions to our affiliated planting projects.

Collect funds from Tree-Nation’s sponsors

Our secure payment system makes it easy for sponsors and users to contribute to your project.

the key to collaboration

Build trust around your project

Having a good presentation of your project is essential if you want to convince others to join your cause. Tree-Nations helps you to get the best presentation possible and to get feedback and testimonials so that your project stands out.

Let the world know about your project

We provide you with the ideal toolbox to communicate about your tree planting activities to the world. You can either post short updates about your daily progress or write long articles. Your communications will connect with our users and sponsors and spread through Facebook and Twitter so that they always get noticed.

Tree-Nation - Plantation Projects Updates

Build your network of followers

Just by creating your project page you will instantly tap into hundreds of thousands of passionate tree planting sponsors. Get your project page ready and start posting some content. You’ll see how your network of followers starts growing.

Free, open and universal

Tree-Nation is open to all plantation projects in the world. It doesn’t matter if your project is 5 years old or hasn’t started yet, if you are a NGO or a private land owner. The platform is flexible enough to accept all kinds of projects. Welcome!

Get started today

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