Tree-Nation - What we do

We plant trees at a global scale to fight climate change and deforestation

We are using technology to create a platform that enables everyone to plant trees, reforest the world and fight climate change. Because no company, NGO or government can solve this problem by itself, we believe the solution must come from collaboration at a massive scale.
Plant trees for Companies - Project
Planting Projects

We make it easy for planting projects to get the funds needed to start planting trees. We’re already working with +70 planting projects around the world.


Citizens from around the world can plant trees from the comfort of their home with just a few clicks. It’s fun, easy and safe!


Companies join Tree-Nation to plant trees and offset their CO2 because they know that there is no better way to take care of their brand than with taking care of the planet.

+ 4.000.000

Trees planted

+ 1.200.000 tons

CO2 compensated

+ 70

Plantation Projects

+ 300


Our services for organizations

Get your company involved and start to plant trees right away

Tree-Nation offers you a comprehensive set of tools to allow your company plant trees and make the most of each tree planted. With just a few clicks you can plant, keep track of your CO2 compensation and engage with your customers to build trust and loyalty around your company.
How it works
Register your Company!
Register in seconds and start to plant trees right away. You will be able to manage your tree planting online and we will be always available to personally assist you if you need to.
Choose where you want plant
Tree-Nation - Companies
You can choose to plant your trees on many different plantation projects located on 5 different continents of the planet. We have selected our partner projects very carefully to make sure your trees grow tall and healthy.
Select the species you fancy
There are more than 300 different species to plant on Tree-Nation. You’ll find from baobabs and cacao trees to some endangered species like the Pachira quinata or majestic ones like the Ceiba Pentandra.
Make the most out of your trees
Tree-Nation - Companies
If you like you can offer your trees to your clients and employees. This is a powerful tool to create a strong and lasting bond between you and your customers.
Trees Planted!

Once planted, you will be able to keep track of your trees and the CO2 they are compensating.

Keep track of your impact

Get accurate data about your CO2 offsets

We meticulously calculate the amount of CO2 you offset  based on the tree species you choose and its location. All the CO2 compensated is accounted for and displayed inside your Company Forest. This way you can keep track of your company’s CO2 emissions offsets and communicate with confidence on your marketing campaigns.
Tree-Nation - Compensate CO2

Follow stories that inspire

Get daily updates directly from the field

Our planters post daily updates about their planting activities, which you can freely use on your marketing campaigns. Tree planting is never dull and rosy… it’s a tough job that requires sweat and dedication. But it’s incredibly gratifying to see first hand how a devastated land is turn into a green forest.
Tree-Nation - Plantation Projects Updates

Let's plant together

Our main focus

Transparency and Quality

With Tree-Nation you can plant trees on many plantation projects located on 5 different continents of the planet. But what is truly remarkable is that you will know, at all times, who is planting your trees, where they are located and how they are being planted.

You will find ALL the information we have about each planting project. No secrets.

Quality tree planting

Collaborate with the best planting projects in the world. We will make sure of this!

Direct contact

If you want to know more about a project you can just ask it’s local responsible.

They entrusted us with their trees

We are very honored by the trust and loyalty in supporting our reforestation projects we received from some of the best brands on the planet.
Thanks guys!

You are going to love planting
with Tree-Nation

Fun to use

Select your favorite species, customize your trees and plant! Planting trees with Tree-Nation is an enjoyable experience.

Good and fair prices

Our price per tree starts at 3 €. On the Internet you can find cheaper or more expensive trees. The price we establish with our planters is to ensure fair and high-quality planting conditions.

Accessible hotline

We are always ready to answer you if you have any doubts.
Call us at +34 931 620 033 or use our contact box.

Fast to start

In less than 5 minutes you will be ready to plant trees. No contracts, no paperwork. It’s simply simple!

Imagine how many trees we can
plant together