happy tree-planting

Offer trees to your friends and family

You can plant and offer trees to the people you care about. A birthday, a wedding, an event, a memory… add a nice image and a message to the tree and it will be the perfect gift.

Choose where to plant

We have 10 plantations around the world.
Discover our plantations.

Let's Plant

Select your species

Is it gona be a pine or a baobab? With more than
200 species, there’s a tree for every occasion. Take a look!

Who is the tree for?

Decide if the tree is for you or you want
to offer trees to someone special.

Let's Plant

Personalize your tree

Add a beatiful picture and a message so that
everyone knows why are you planting that tree.

Mission accomplished!

You will be able to keep track of your tree, know
its location and growth stage through its virtual copy.

stay on the green side

Compensate your CO2 emissions

Each year, your total annual emissions average 9 tons of CO2, just because you live a normal human life. With our Serial Planter program you can easily become CO2 neutral.
Tree-Nation - Compensate CO2

Keep track of your impact

Keep track of the impact of your tree planting with your personalized counters. You can easily know how much CO2 your trees are compensating so that you stay always on the green side.

the seed game

Play and plant trees for free!

You can buy trees and plant them at your rhythm or you can play with the community and earn free trees. There’s no limit!

Plant your seed

Every week you will get one seed for you to plant. As with trees, you can add some nice content to the seed.

Users will water it

Once you have planted your seed, other users will start to water it. The better the content you added to the seed, the higher the chances of success.

Get your tree

If the seed reaches 100 water drops in less than 5 days, a tree will be planted and you’ll get a new seed!

Green and friendly

Join an amazing community

Tree-Nation is a community of people united to make this planet a better place. Friendship, collaboration and good will are the pillars of a vibrant community of 100.000 citizens.